La Era de Oxox is a three-hectare organic orchard, vegetable garden and country house located in a magical spot, in the heart of the Ricote Valley. The ancient terraces of La Era lined with their organic lemon and orange trees turn the Ricote Valley a striking shade of green. The Valencia Late and Verna orange, and Verna lemon and vegetable production have been certified as Organic by the Organic Agricultural Council of the Murcia Region (CAERM) since the beginning of 2003. More than 10 tons of lemons are harvested almost all the year round, and a slightly smaller quantity of oranges is picked from May to June, both citrics renowned for their quality in the area. 


Citric fruits have been grown in this area of the Vega Alta (high meadows) of the Segura River for many centuries. Those grown in the Ricote Valley and especially in Ojós are rightly renowned for their excellence. The microclimate, the fertility of the soil, sustainable practices, and the proximity of the river and Mediterranean hills have all contributed to this excellence. The

El Olivar Waterwheel and the Perintin manual water pump, which irrigate most of the estate can be seen close by.


We supply organic products locally and to consumer groups; and as member of Ecoagricultor@s de Murcia (EDEMUR) we send organic products all over Spain and to Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

© 2015 by  Dariusz Amiri

Photos by Wayna


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Vista del ecohuerto de Etxoste, Oxox

Cultivamos gran variedad de hortalizas de temporada y variedades tradicionales