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The Ricote Valley is a very special place because of the varied nature of its landscapes and countryside within a relatively small area, and because of its historical, cultural, and ecological value. The area is attracting more and more interest and is the subject of numerous studies and specialist publications. Within a 20 kilometre radius, a wide-range of sporting and countryside activities can be enjoyed such as cycling, trekking, bird watching, canoeing, rock climbing, rubber-tyre descents down the River Segura, horse riding, esparto-grass workshops, Mediterranean salt steppe visits, etc.


The area is also renowned for its spas, rich gastronomy and places and structures of historical/cultural interest, such as the ancient waterwheels, irrigation ditches and manual water pumps. The traditional irrigation network with its Moorish origins is still in use today. There is a file in Perintin Cottage containing information on activities and guides to the zone.

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